Beyond the meadows

Having dined at the lodge, I headed to my room and packed my gear for the morning journey I had for so long awaited. The adventure ahead fascinated me so strongly that it put me into a cozy sleep and dream of the close encounter with the European bison. I rose up minutes before dawn; there was no second I would waste as I had my gear ready I embarked on my journey following the trail I knew to the plains. The morning sun was as gold as ever, shining on morning dew on the grass, forming beautiful reflections. The plain was sunk in fog and it was very hard to see. I had to choose my path. The north with tall grass was tempting enough as a hiding spot for the bison; in the east there was a lake and that is the path I picked rather unconsciously. Those lakes are surrounded by trees and have stories to tell and secrets sealed. As my vision was limited, I was carefully observing the woods to spot any movement.

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